Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Salim Assaf, The Dude Musician Who Knows Women Very Well

Romance duets are awesome, they sell a fantasy and if they are well-made, they tend to stick around for a longer period of time. Salim Assaf, the complete Lebanese musician stands tall among his peers, he writs, both lyrics and music and then he sings with a warm voice if he had to. In Lebanon, he is the guy you call when you want to show your weak side or the idea that both men and women can be vulnerable.

The Lebanese ladies of pop love to work with him or get some of his songs, he knows how it feels to be a woman, and he writes it better than many women can. It's perhaps that he knows romance very well and that he might have had a life filled with love and relationships.

Salim is the guy you go to to show your soft side, he is not a ruthless warrior but he knows how to tell a love story from the inside very well. His songs expresses thoughts on how love makes one person feels, and he takes these thoughts and jots them into a paper, since he writes music, it does not take him a long time to get a song made. Salim writes songs for guys too and his songs make them look like a legendary romantic who are big on epic love.

This is one of his collaborations with Vivian Mrad....

By #SalimAssaf- عذاب الحب فيفيان مراد


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