Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hamaki Parties Hard BUT Prays Harder (Audio) @Hamaki

When he parties, he parties to the fullest, like how he did in Morocco few days earlier at that music festival. But that was before Ramadan and good guy Hamaki dabbles into religious supplication with the release of a new track....just vocals no music. That means even the most conservative Muslims would be able to listen to this prayer. He prays for real, and I like his voice here.

He sounds humble as he seeks forgiveness from the most compassionate. He is a believer her. Good choice Hamaki and I hope it's done in good faith. Ahmed Ezz wrote the lyrics, lines--he is the poet discovered by Hamaki. The song was released today at sunset and it already got the views. The producers are the same label that green lights his albums Nogoom Records.

This is the time to remember these songs, and keep on mind, such tracks have an added value in the life of the artists but once they perish, they remain and the deeds keep coming.

 حماقي - دعاء "يا رحمن"


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