Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lift Your Fu**ing Siege On Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

Walid Tawfik is a proud Lebanese singer, the golden boy of the eighties and nineties took on a bigger issue. You do not get glory for singing for Palestine. In fact, they may hate you for it--they is some Arab defeatist. But Walid could care less, more than five years ago he made up his mind and recorded this song...wearing in pride that famous black and white scarf.

This is a song for Gaza, and its people, Walid wrote it and composed it for the people of Gaza who have already been placed under a cruel siege for 8 years--they caught a break in the year Morsi was the democratically elected president. Take that Zionist Sisi, shame on you. This is the time to lift the blockade on these people--has it made Hamas weaker? No. Just making life more horrible in Gaza for the Palestinians in there.

فكوا الحصار - وليد توفيق . غزة


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