Friday, July 18, 2014

Mesut Kurtis Is All Smiles in "Tabassam" 2014 Album البوم مسعود كرتس - تبسم @MKurtisOfficial

Here's a golden album from a golden performer with a golden heart. This Mesut the guy who is there to entertain the masses while saving their collective souls. This European artist is blessed with a sweet and tang voice wrapped in his shy persona. But his voice ain't shy, it's loud while singing eternal truth calmly.

I adore his style, and the way words come out of his might be his perfect Arabic pronunciation that makes me imagine being back at that time. There are many artists who do these style in places like Morocco and Syria. Mesut makes it cool and relevant in this fast times. He actually gets you to relax even when he is driving a fast car, songs like this are for the soul and heart.

Get yourself a copy of this album, you will enjoy it and play it over and over this Ramadan and after.

01.Rouhi Fidak
03.Alhamdu Lillah
05.Ghar Hira
06.Eid Saeed
07.Assalatu Wassalamu
08.Ya Man Bihali
11.Ataytu Bithanbi

Mesut Kurtis - Rouhi Fidak | مسعود كُرتِس - روحي فداك


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