Saturday, July 26, 2014

WATCH: رامي جمال - فترة مش سهلة [فيديو] Ramy Gamal - Fatra Mesh Sahla (Video)

I have heard a lady tell me she thought Ramy Gamal, the Egyptian pop star is a handsome looking guy. I did not see that when she said that. But now, with the release of his latest music video, I agree with her. Ramy is back with an absolutely beautiful music video where he is looking like a million dollar.

Not sure, but that slim fit suit, classy shades, fancy ride and model tell me that guy got it. The skyline helps and so does the club bar scene. Ramy is unable to get over an old flame, he is singing the blues and it feels all too real--the man had his heart broken an for a dream boat looking guy, this should not happen.

Ramy is a loyal romantic, he does not see anyone around him, but the memories of his old love. The composer within him made this song a treat for all his fans. This is how you make a music video--it feels like something Elissa would do, tell a love story that is missing something. Ramy Gamal pulls it off here and he seems to have transformed himself to be that person. Passing time, is what the name of the game....Not clear to me, where this joint has been filmed, but the skyline is fascinating.

رامي جمال - فترة مش سهلة [فيديو] Ramy Gamal - Fatra Mesh Sahla


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