Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Karim Mohsen, The Justin Timberlake of Egyptian Pop Is BACK!

Karim Mohsen is one of the few innovators of Egyptian pop, the guy rocks with his dazzling performances. I love the music and arrangements he composes. It's fresh stuff he makes when he wants to do catchy tracks. But he also does the emotionally complex track that makes some tear up.

I am a fan of his happy melodies and party tunes. Karim has been doing these songs for half a dozen years since he started with Tamer Hosny and to go on his own in 2011. He seems like a cool guy who is never afraid of experimenting with styles and ranges. Perhaps it's telling how he titled his album "The Experiment" I compare him to the style and energy of Justin Timberlake.

Here's a teaser for his upcoming albu, and I do not just like what I am hearing, I love every few seconds of each songs he shared with us.

Karim Mohsen - 3an Tagreba Album promo | برومو كريم محسن - البوم عن تجربة

Karim Mohsen Promo 3an Tagreba - برومو كريم محسن البوم عن تجربة


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