Friday, March 1, 2013

Download: Dalida - Zalamteny Album / داليدا - ظلمتني

There was once a big Arab entertainer with the name Dalida, that was in the eighties of the last century there is a new Dalida in town and now she has an album to her name "Zalamtny", or "you wrong med" She is smooth for a lady who is not from the Gulf yet do their songs better than most could do.

She breakout music video highlighted a very real issue, domestic violence. For that alone, I love her. But aside form that, her voice is superb, she seems to have the right skill or the right training for the kind of songs she chooses to perform. 

There's a new songstress in town and she is ready for prime time.

01 - Az'al
02 - Allah Yesamehom
03 - Ya Asmar
04 - Ya Maghrourin
05 - Ye'alemak El Gharam
06 - Khatem Sehry
07 - Osbor
08 - Zalamteny

Dalida - Zalamteny / داليدا - ظلمتني


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