Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh Boy, an Arab Bruno

So last year the world met Bruno, the Gay Austrian fashionista Brüno!

Now the day has come for us to meet the Arab Bruno! Not sure if this is a real name, but the guy does not disappoint he lives a bit to the legacy of the Aussie Brüno. they both have fashion sense, they both are skinny, and they both know how to treat the ladies. Just give them flowers and they will take off their jackets. The Arab Bruno looks a bit like popular actor Paul Rudd. I do appreciate his confidence as the star looks comfortable in his own skin. I also like how they have his loved one to be a grown up, not the average 16 year old you would expect to see in Arabic music videos.

Not sure what to make of this music video, Sure some shots are dark and a bit awkward, I sure like the lyrics, the music does not get in the way. But Bruno's voice might not be mature yet. I see him mimic Wael Kfoury, the well known Lebanese singer adored by the ladies.

Bruno - Rjaa' / برونو - رجاع


  1. He was in the first Arabic Star Academy.

  2. I have to disagree with you, his voice is perfect, it is very soft and clean.
    I LOVE the song and the artist!! I think the videoclip is creative and original - plus the fact that Cynthia is in it, makes it even better :)