Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ban Layal Abboud Just Like Katy Perry?

Layal Abboud - El Deny Welad / ليال عبود - الدني ولاد

Few weeks ago popular Katy Perry appearance on Sesame Street was censored due to her prominent breasts. Obviously this was very controversial and funny at the same time. But this week, the Arab viewers had to put up with a new music video made for children.

A lead female singer Layal makes a music video for kids and you can guess her boobs are all over this music video.

Dare I to say Arabs are a bit more liberal than Americans when it comes to children music. Maybe that's what passes fro family entertainment, the kids get the song and the grown up can start at.....

I am not sure who should be more ashamed the Arabs or the Americans, but I know the female singers have nothing to be ashamed of.


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