Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally, Some ROCKing Arabic Music

By Hanitizer

UTN1 has the honor to release the first Arabic rock music that grabbed my attention. UTN1 stands for unknown to no one which is really creative even for American band names. UTN1 is a four band members who come from Iraq and have been in the music scene since 2001, but judging from the number of hits they have on on their videos they are still an indie band.

Per Wikipedia, the band was founded by Shant Garabedian and Artin Haroutiounian who are of Iraqi Armenian descent. They were later joined by Hassan Ali Al-Falluji , Akhlad Raof and Nadeem Hamid, who left the group in 2009 for personal reasons.

I like the look, the lyrics and the entire atmosphere of their recent song. So give these guys a listen, you may find something to appreciate. Tet’thakkareen “do you remember?” is the name of the music video and it’s the name of their recently released album. Gives these guys a listen and remember nowadays to make Arabic music is easy, but to make good Arabic music while being Iraqi has to be tough. I am just glad to have discovered them to finally see a truly talented Arab band, not just a cute boy band which the Arab world is not short on. And maybe one day UTN1 can change their name to become known.

UTN1 – Tet’thakkareen /


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