Thursday, October 28, 2010

Houda Saad Still Got it! And We Like it

Houda Saad is a raising star in Arabic music, she has the backing of the biggest music production company in Arabia (Rotana), she enjoys a warm and capable voice and the love of her loyal fans in the greater Arabic Maghreb where she comes from.

It has been a little over a year since we heard something from this young starlet (she is finishing school in Switzerland) but when she is back with Bghitou Wella Karahtou, "loved him or hated him" she is really BACK with something refreshing.

Using the dialect of her home the Maghreb, Houda has found a way to stage a good comeback to the already saturated music scene in Arabia. I like the song, the lyrics are sweet reminding us why we like the starlet in the first place. Houda also looks good in her music video and tries to appeal to the cute (not the sexy) aspect of her persona. And I think he has been largely successful.

Then why Houda is not a huge star already? My answer lays with her production company Rotana that has not been able to create and sustain new star. They are doing a good job with the big names of the like Amer Diab and Elissa, but they do not seem to get the concept of the online marketing. Unlike Rotana, Melody Hits, their rival dominates the YouTube generation and get millions of hits on their new videos. Thus, I believe Rotana needs to adapt in order to help Houda and other stars to gain some fame. In the meantime, enjoy the music video.

هدى سعد - بغيتو ولا كرهتو / Houda Saad - Bghitou Wella Krahtou


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