Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet Nourhann, the Arab Kim Kardashian

When it comes to empty celebrities the Arab world is just like America, we are rich!

Nourhann, an Arab pop star famous for being a sexy bomb and she is trying to earn a living be showing some skin. I cannot think of why she is famous, other than that she is just famous and we are helpless.

If the comments on her videos were an indicator of her popularity, she is popular with the horny Arab men who want to see more of her in that way Nourhann does not hold back.

Anyhow if you are into soft core porn, Arab beauties, and sweaty gyms, this music video is for you. Hate to be that guy with her as she torture him with let's call it Sexy stuff.

On another note, I know Nourhan has been doing some work with charities in the past, maybe that can make up for her revealing music video.

Nourhanne - Ta'a Habiby / نورهان - تعا حبيبي


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