Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Best Arabic Guy Break up Song, EVER

If you are an Arab guy and have ever gone through a break up, there are many songs that can cure your broken heart and cheer you up. Dozens and dozens of them, Arab guys love those type of songs as they almost never marry their first love.

But it's not until Mohammad Rashidy, the up and coming hip singer form Egypt that a song, one song can make you feel better about the breakup. Look no further than the title which translates into "Screw You!" I know this is how many guys feel after they have been dumped by those whom they fully loved.

In the song, this young singer asks his ex to allow him to kick off the auction to sell her for the highest bidder (she is materialistic I am guessing) He tells her he will tell the bidders, "A young woman that will make you happy every night"....etc. He calls her cheap and goes on. It's not till the last line of the song when you know your cure is coming. Mohammad tell her this, "About calling you cheap and the auction thing, this won't be my last thing to say" "SCREW You" he adds just when you thought he was going to apologize to his ex...he goes all in!

This was a treat and I enjoyed the rage, I can relate and so can almost all Arab guys out there.

ToZ Feeky اغنية محمد رشيدي - طز فيكى


  1. Hi!!! Can u find me the translation?? I would really apreciate it!!!!