Saturday, October 2, 2010

Live Orchestra By A New Egyptian Comer

Perhaps the best Arabic live orchestra did not come to life from a mega star, it did not come in an came in a comedy movie. ريهام عبد الحكيم فيلم عسل اسود The strong female voice came from Egypt, the star's name is Riham Abdel Hakeem. The flick is 'Assal Aswad, black molasses staring Ahmad Hilmi, Egypt's biggest movie star.

Back to the song, it's a love song for the country known as Egypt. It does speak volumes of how wonderful Egypt is in the eyes of its citizens even with all adversities. It's a cool song, the lyrics are light but sets well with listeners.

I am surprised I have not heard of this artist before, she is really good and her voice does not disappoint. Great movies and a wonderful song worthy of the land of Egypt. I hope to see more live orchestra songs, not the same old garbage.

Fiha 7aga 7elwa


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