Sunday, October 10, 2010

Noor Mhanna Brings it BACK

One of the greatest living Arab singers who are known to keep it real and the one who has to use special mic to accomdate his strong voice collaborates with Marwan Khoury the Arab magician of words and they both take us on a journey of the good old days. When people where good by nature, when people cared and felt for each other and did not stab one another in the back.

Noor Mhanna is worth it, the man who has been known to dominate the Tarab school, the traditional Arabic school of music gives us this simple music video, but the song is the star, the lyrics are the magic of this journey.

Thank you guys for giving us a new classic where the lyrics, the performance and the music bring the best of art. I hope Mawaran and Noor keep us entertained and continue to enrich the Arabic music scene with good music.

Noor Mhanna - Win - / نور مهنا - وين


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