Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carol Sakr The Arabic Lady Gaga is Much More

Never before a mainstream Arabic singer delivered a song in English that can rock your world, pumps you up and gets you going until lat week.

Lebanese Singer, Carol Sakr (Saqr)كارول صقر released a song for the Beirut Marathon and it was something else. I dubbed Carol as the Arabic lady Gaga, but now I think she is a lot more than that as she is unafraid to show substance.

Her English is amazing, her pronunciation is world class, her voice shines and she hit all the right notes without ever running out of breath. That's why this song "Hear and Soul" stand tall. This is why this song will be around for a while and as a runner I really really appreciate this song. It does not hurt that it has a great sound engineering and re-mastering. Finally an Arabic song that I can be proud of as I share with American music fans. See Carol Can! and she just did! Enjoy


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