Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Egyptian Khaled Selim Love & the Above

Khaled Selim had a great year in 2010. A best selling album that was nothing short of spectacular. A wonderful music video for Ad'ay A'leek Bieeh. But his greats accomplishment this year was different.

In my opinion, he had the best Ramadan song this time around. Madrast Elhob, is the name of his song that captured my attention. I was already a fan of this young energizing singer, but this song was different. His voice is pure gold, his emotions are unmatched and his passion about the subject of the song is clear. While the song was played in the opening for a religious theme show wit popular young present Moustafa Hussni. The song does not play as a preachy as most religious songs. It speaks of love as a school and cure for all ills.

I know for me, his voice is unique and I can distinguish it form a hundred other voice even thought I rarely make mistakes by identifying Arab singers by their voice, of course there are hundreds of Arab singers now. But Khalid Selim distinct makes it easier.

Two tumbs for Khalid in 2010 and hope to hear and see more of him in 2011

Khaled Selim - Love School Titre / خالد سليم - تتر مدرسة الحب


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