Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ragheb Alama is Working Hard, but...

Not sure what to make of this new music album by the Arab super star Ragheb Alama, the legend of Arabic music, the man who has nothing to proof and the mane who is loved by pretty much young and old males as well as females.

His album is now out, but his music video, he does not look that well, the music itself has no storyboard and I think it would be easy to trash this music video, but I am not going to. I am only pleased with his song, Sineen Rayaha we Sineen Gaya is a good song that delivers much for his fans and for the younger generation. I know Ragheb has a good production company and his brother is his manager, they are a true business brand.

Roa did not think much of the lock of the star in this music video, it's about darker and a bit of midlife crisis textbook example, see the bike and the bar seen. But nevertheless enjoy this wonderful song for all it's worth. Yes, the way I look at it the song still has much of the pizazz that was missing in his last album.

راغب علامة - سنين رايحة و سنين جاية


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