Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Terrorists Not Pop Stars Get Visas

By Hanitizer

A rather odd news story appeared
Maryam Faris, possibly the hottest Lebanese star of the year won’t be coming to America this month. Maryam was supposed to perform In Las Vegas concert this Saturday, but that won’t be happening she had visa issues. Maryam was not able to get work visa to cover her and her bands to entertain you here in America. I am certain this is not an unusual thing and many other stars have had issues getting work visas to perform legally in America. Yes, this could also be a PR spin to cover for the real story, maybe she is not being paid enough or not treated right by the promoters.

But I think the issue here is if the visa denial or delays are real, we need a change and we need it now. I know some might have been intimated by her curvy dance moves–the kind that terrorizes you. She also makes akilling in the show biz since the productions of her concerts been daubed as a blast. But I am sure none of that was going thought the States Department’s officer’s head as he denied them their visas and just like millions of Americans, Maryam is out of a job. So there you have it, Maryam and her band won’t be stimulating the Las Vegas economy.

Maryam Faris was part of the concert in which Amr Diab will be the headliner. Amr Diab, the biggest and perhaps most popular singer in the Arab world will be performing in Las Vegas this October 16th in the Grand Arena at MGM. This concert has been in the works for several months now and many fans have already bought their tickets for the concert to see their star live. I am guessing Amr Diab will do just fine to electrify his fans who will be coming from all over the West Coast to see him. The concert promoters might even be able find a plan b replacement to save the day, it has been done before.

It’s not like she moonlights as a terrorist! As for her band members, what a better cover for an Al-Qaeda (the base) extremists than to be a Al-Qaeda (base) player performing in the sin city for an risque intoxicated and buzzed crowd!

would you have given Maryam a visa?


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