Monday, October 18, 2010

Wadee El Safi Unloads the Wisdom to his Daughter

The really old school legendary Wadee El Safi reminds us he still a living legend. He crafted a sad yet beautiful song about being a father to a daughter and the love and the drama that come in between.

the message is simply the aging father asked he beloved daughter to stick around him as he loves her but he has seen little attention from her as he bore some much trouble for her upbringing yet she seems to have neglected that. He forgives and they make up and becomes buddies again.

Good song, the real winner perhaps is Jad Choury, the most controversial Arabic music video director why he is known for racy music video. He is hoping this directorial work would redeem him, it may take a legend to resurrect him, but we will see.

Wadee El Safi - Ya Benty / وديع الصافي - يا بنتي


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