Friday, October 29, 2010

Hussin Al Deek Old Style, New Lyrics

When it comes to Arabic music, Syria has given us a number of legends that live on with their original style and their high status in the Tarab style singing. But for the past 7 years a number of Syrian singers have met the Arab world by singing Sha'aby style..using simple langauge that tells stories and fantasies held by many.

Enter, Hussien Aldeek, a new Syrian singer who is following the work of his father the man who brought this style of music back about five years ago with 'Aloosh. Please find the singer talking his loved one who is teenager, I do like the debka troupe and the music. not sure about the lyrics, but something tells me the younger fans in the Sham area will find them appealing as it speaks about the first high school love.

حسين الديك - ناطر بنت المدرسة


  1. to bad that this video is no long exist in youtube.

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