Saturday, October 30, 2010

Joe Ashkar, the Arabian Playboy

Joe Ashkar, the best looking Arab singer made in Lebanon (with a name like that he has to come from Lebanon) is no stranger to good music videos. He throws as many gorgeous models, fancy outfits, he puts on a good suit and you got your music video. Where does he get all those models from? Well, for a guy who is good looking and always chills with ladies, you have to admire his fans.

Joe and his wife own a popular and a hip casino in Lebanon, so you know he does not need the money all that bad. But he might need the vanity of the showbiz. I do like his style as he still makes his music which entertains a certain demographic.

Mahabeer is the name of his song, I can only suppose it's a reference for the hotties of ladies that goes in Lebanon now. But cannot be too sure. Here is the music video of Joe Ashkar who makes Arab men proud.

Joe Ashkar - Mhaypar / جو أشقر - مهايبر


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