Friday, October 22, 2010

Natasha, in the footsteps of Nancy Ajram & More

Natasha comes from Lebanon where Nancy Ajram also comes from. I am a fan of both artist and think Nancy has a new protegee. Both started at early age. Natasha is actually now 16 years of age...a very young age nevertheless she has established herself as a good singer.

She has the charisma and the voice of Nancy, the energy and the presence of Haifa, the star power of Elissa and she has accomplished this in one album. So Natasha is just warming up.

As I listened to her debut album, Tisadaq BilAyyam تصدق بلأيام) I was skeptic she will get good lyrics and a good album. I knew she has the voice and the chops to entertain you in a cute way, but I was not sure if the good lyricists and musicians of Lebanon would want yet another young starlet.

It was a freaking good album, you know why? Natasha comes form a family of musicians who know the business, her dad writes music and has the music business savvy, her brother is a lyricist. And thus she was able to be sponsored by a respectable firm to produce her music. I do not deny that there are tens of Arab stars who wish they can replicate the success and the style of Nanact Ajram, the best selling Arab female singer that we all like. All of those stars have failed so far.

Natasha I believe can pull the Nancy Style, yet maintain her own unique identity. She can sing those flirty cute songs, those deep meaning songs (Ba'ed Bakeer) and whatever she really likes to cover. She did well in Gulf Dialect songs. Natasha Singer or as she has been dubbed The Lebanese Song Flower due to her incredible youth and delicate nature. As Natasha has joined Rotana, the Arab power house in music production, I hope they do her justice. Even thought Rotana has majority of mega Arab stars, they have not been able to break into the online marketing very well. Look at Melody Hits, this company knows how to market a star in the age of the internet. Rotana is still using the old TV/Radio model. Hope Natasha and her team can build up her success as she is worthy of every inch of it.

I wish Natasha all success as I think she will be able to muster it. I do have one concern, please please Natasha act your age. Although I loved (absolutely loved) Ayooh (video below) you are too young to play the sexy part yet.
It's OK to love a guy, but do it in a way that you would really do it in real life. BTW, Great job on the outfits.

ناتاشا ايوه كليب من روتانا

ناتاشا بعد بكير


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