Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yemeni Musician Joins the Revolution

Today might be the day we have the first Yemeni celebrity to endorse the revolution in Yemen. To your surprise, there are dozens of Yemeni entertainers in the Arab world. Many are celebrities in the Gulf, and most of them get a citizenship in another Gulf country like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait or Qatar.

Today we heard that Yemeni musician Ahmad Fathy, jointed the protesters in the Change Square in Yemen and has asked on all other Yemenis to join the youth movement and support their demands against the current regime's. Some might say this is late move on part of this really popular and also good Yemeni icon. This legendary Lute master from Yemen comes out and chooses the side of the people.

The singer and composer has also shared a new song with the protesters and asked them to hand in there. "Yo protester, the makers of the beautiful dream", "If you tear and bleed, raise your head and smile" This is an good move on this celebrites judgemtn and we applaude his move. I do have one question, will Yemeni celbrity Arwa join the call and stand with the youth or will she just pretend she is too busy?

يا معتصم .. يا صانع الحلم الجميل المرتسم .. لو سال دمعك أو دمك ارفع رأسك وأبتسم : هذه هي كلمات الاغنية الجديدة التي قدّمها الفنان للمعتصمين ، وهذه الاغنية من كلماته وألحانه

احمد فتحي 1983 ان يحرمونا


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