Friday, March 25, 2011

Average Arab Listeners, Won't Like It

Here is yet another random and odd music video from the capable Lebanese singer, composer Yuri Markadi. There is tons of feather, a sail boat, a pillow and tons of kids working and just not sure what they are doing.

The title is the world has ended, not sure what the goal of the song or the subject matter. I am guessing Yuri is making the plight of many poor and working children real. There are many children who struggle a lot, but not sure what moved this mostly pop romance singer to do a song on this subject.

If you like this song, then you are better than most listener of Arabic music and it also says you are very educated about Western music. That makes you a sophisticated listener or just someone who is sick of same old 4 musical notes Arabic pop. enjoy this song from this Armenian heritage Lebanese born singer

Yuri Markadi Intaha Al Alam


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