Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dina Hayek Sends Egypt Some Songs

Dina Hayek joins the number of Lebanese singers who have released special songs for Egypt. First there was Nancy Ajram, then Carole Samahe, Assi Hillani and now Dina Hayek who works in Egypt and shoots interviews and music videos. Even though this young Lebanese singer has not been active lately in making new music, she could not skip the revolution in Egypt.

Lyrics doctor, the Lebanese musical lyricists Faris Iskander wrote this song and gave it to Dina who brought to life quickly. While there is no actually music video but rather random slide shows and footage with a fixed picture of the Lebanese singer attached. While the song is not dramatic of mourning the dead and the fallen, it's filled with optimism.

There are some touching images, but this song is mostly happy and hopeful,it fits the persona of the singer herself who has a very charming voice. She calls Egypt her second home and she sends the love of Lebanon in this song to Egypt. It's a good song and I am glad Dina is back on track to her music career. This is a house cat that has a flexible voice and good fan base.

Dina Hayek - Om El Donya Ya Masr / دينا حايك - أم الدنيا يا مصر


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