Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Some Reason Women Hate This Angham Song

But the guys love it....I do not know why whenever I play a pop Arabic song to someone who does not speak Arabic, they say the following "It's different, but it' Catchy", go ahead and play a song to your roommate and see what they will say. I did it like a hundred time.

But whenever I play an Arabic song by a female singer, they either mock it or just do not enjoy it. something about female voice in a langauge that you do not understand makes you run away to the other direction. I tested that in Spanish, French and American sons to individuals who do not speak the languages of those countries and they all agree.

If they do not understand the langauge of the singer, it seems they would tolerate it from a guy, but not a woman. In all fairness, there are so many great female musicians, take this song for example one of those fine Angham songs that if you do not understand the lyrics, you will think she is crying, think unhappy and people just do not want that. I cannot explain it. But I also know that some women do not like to hear the voices of other females.


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