Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dina Hayek Loves Her Mommy

The one pretty Lebanese light pop singer, few botched plastic surgeries later and two years in hiding, now she is ready to sing once more again. This time around she is celebrating her mom this Arab mother's day on March 21. Dina used to sing for her boo and the one that stole her heart and got away. She chased him. But not she is picking another target.

Dina Hayek music video with a storyboard of three back stories. She is making an effort to find the perfect gift for her mother when she speaks about picking the right gift, she lights up and gets excited. As for any new albums, she won't be having any this year due to the ongoing toxic political climate in the Arab world. She will be releasing singles here and there.

I cannot make a good guess about Dina's career, she made it big in 2005 but then she lost it all and all the news she gets was about her trouble with this plastic surgeon or the other. What happened Dina, you almost had it all.


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