Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sameeh Shoqeer Song for Daraa Syria

The Syrian musician Sameeh Shoqeer is the lone voice in Syria who released a song condemning the killings in Syria. While Syria has more than a thousand singer who are well known in the Arab world, none of those singers cares to sing for the fallen or even to Syria (see our blacklist).

Sameeh is the intellectual musician who is well known in Syria for his many nationalistic and patriotic songs. Sameeh is a true independents spirit as he refuses to join any political parties. So the caring singer took to the airwaves and releasing a song for the killing in Daraa where tens of civilians have been assassinated by the Assad regime.

While he is not a household name outside Syria, Sameeh Shoqeer did a number of songs for Syrian movies and TV shows as well as theatrical music. One of the plays he composed music for is a Mahmoud Darwish work. This sarcastic leftist has taken a lot of courage by releasing this song that went viral.

R A S M A L A T..سميح شقير .. يا حيف ..الى درعا


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