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All Nancy Ajram Video Clips Are Right Here

13 years this is the length of the kind of career Nancy Ajram had, she is the nicest Arab pop icon, and the most charismatic likable;e spunky singer the Arab world has seen since Egyptian actress Soad Hosny.

She is Lebanese and she is what you would find in the dictionary for pop star in Arabia, she has reinvented the term without offending many Arabs. In terms of looks, choices and attitude, she is what all the girls should take as a role model.

Enough has been said and written about Nancy that has the most viewed music video than any Arab artist.

Nancy Ajram Mehtagalak محتجالك نانسي عجرم

Nancy Ajram Shil Oyounak Anni شيل عيونك عني نانسي عجرم

2002 the real launch for this Arab pop icon started with this song, everything she has done prior to this release has been waiting for this one hit.
Nancy Ajram - Akhsmak Ah / نانسى عجرم - أخاصمك آه


Nancy Ajram - Ya Salam / نانسى عجرم - يا سلام

2003 Also
Nancy Ajram - Yay Sehr Ouyounoo / نانسى عجرم - ياي سحر عيونو
2003 also

2004 this was the dynamite music video, one of the most popular and thus satirized music videos of recent Arabic memory.
Nancy Ajram - Ah We Noss / نانسى عجرم - آه ونص

Also 2004
Nancy Ajram - Lawn Eiounak / نانسى عجرم - لون عيونك

2005 The Coke Commercial and the first time Nancy works with a non Arab music director
Nancy Ajram - Oul Tani Kda / نانسى عجرم - قول تاني كده

The most touching music video for Nancy and the one that made her a serious singer not just the cute characters she plays in most of her music videos.
Nancy Ajram - Enta Eih / نانسى عجرم - إنت إيه

2006, the year Nancy realized all the kids lover her
Nancy Ajram - Ya Tabtab / نانسى عجرم - يا طبطب

2006, the year of the circus, Nancy make two music videos with the clowns and the carnival.
Nancy Ajram - Mo'gabah / نانسى عجرم - معجبة

2006, third music video of the year
Nancy Ajram - Ana Yalli Bahebak / نانسى عجرم - أنا يللي بحبك

2006, 4th music video of what was Nancy's busiest year

2007, the music video brought to you but the jeweler store in the Gulf
Nancy Ajram - Elly Kan / نانسى عجرم - اللي كان

2007 first album that plays to the Gulf Dialect, also one of the least watched music video by Nancy Ajram
Nancy Ajram - Moshta'a Leik / نانسى عجرم - مشتاقة ليك

2007, first music video made the little ones, it was an instant hit!
نانسي عجرم شخبط شخابيط Nancy Ajram Shakhbat Shakabeet

2008 intellectual caring Nancy Ajram shows up, she comes in peace
رسالة الى العالم نانسي عجرم Nancy Ajram

2008, a new album and a new more bold Nancy Ajram, not the most watched music video, but it was a good album.
Nancy Ajram - Betfakar Fi Eih / نانسى عجرم - بتفكر في إيه

2008, one of the most touching music video by Nancy Ajram, it was a huge break for the model too.
Nancy Ajram - Meen Dah Elly Nseik / نانسى عجرم - مين ده اللي نسيك

2009, Lebanon an Gaza has just seen some of the worst military operations brought to their doorsteps by Israel, Nancy showed up
Nancy Ajram - Lamset Eid / نانسى عجرم- لمسة إيد

2009, The one music video to break the 5 million mark of times watched
Nancy Ajram - Ebn El Geran / نانسى عجرم - إبن الجيران

Nancy Ajram - Mashy Haddy / نانسى عجرم - ماشى حدى
2009 Nancy Ajram in extra colors and a funky looking model who loves himself
2010, the world cup is here and so was Nancy Ajram, she was one of the local regional artists contracted to perfrom the song by Coke!
الكليب الاصلى لاغنية شجع بعلمك نانسى عجرم

2010, 15 million views on this music video says, Nancy Ajram is doing something right! A very telling music video that teachs boys some manners.
Nancy Ajram - Fi Hagat / نانسى عجرم - في حاجات

Nancy Ajram - Sheikh El Shabab / نانسى عجرم - شيخ الشباب

2011, Mubarak is out the door and Egypt is changed for ever. Nancy sends some love to that awesome country.
Nancy Ajram - Wahshany Ya Masr / نانسى عجرم - وحشاني يا مصر

2011 Nancy gets help from a Syrian actor (Qusay Khawly) i this Gulf dialect song
Nancy Ajram - Ya Kethar / نانسى عجرم - يا كثر


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