Thursday, May 27, 2010

One of The Best Arabic Movies!

rarely, do I get excited about an Arabic movie, but this is the one to get excited about. ElFaraH "The Wedding" is an Egyptian drama that takes place in one of those poor areas, the movie chronicle the life of a number of average people and their problems, and at the very end you see the whole picture. A guy wants to hold a fake wedding so he can collect gifts from the area...he throws a big bash, hires a comedian, a dancer, party planner and someone to serve liquor, do not forget the fake bride that he hired to act so. Something happens and thing get messy, but this is one solid Arabic movie not to be missed. I was impressed by the quality of the witting, the acting and the set.

Although the movie played in the summer of 2009, it did not make millions of dollars, but you can guarantee that this movie will be sought after by many viewers who appreciate a good story. Since this is a music blog, there are a number of good songs in this movie and Mai Kassab, the young Egyptian singer takes an acting role, although small, but pivotal.

I wish to see more Arabic movies like that....I already say a very similar move to this one in terms of art direction and character development. Kabeereeh was that movie.

Unlike most Arabic movies, this film does not rotate around one character, but rather treats a load of actors playing real people and all have their moments.


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