Thursday, May 27, 2010

Music Video, Trash of Arabia

Egyptian singer, Hani Alhabid (الهبدهانى) released a new racy music video, titled howa kida (هو كدة), the song is nothing short of silly. However, the music video wins the golden medal in the sleaziest Arabic music video of the year. It’s surely offensive that the music video uses women as props by further objectifying them. What’s more offensive is how the music video furthers the proof that human beings like the artist—for lack of a better word are also descendant of donkeys—not just monkeys. Whatever evolution done to make us adapt better, this music video is undoing all that by reversing the human race back to apes. Although the song uses common Egyptian folksy beat and popular instruments, the video utilizes a technique developed by small time West Coast rappers, cram as many naked females as the camera shot can accommodate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the costs of producing this crappy music video were underwritten by plastic surgeon who gives away free bikinis with every set of you know what. Just As I thought Arabic music videos have finally evolved comes this turd to kill my buzz. Also can you make the Indian tune artificially incorporated in this sham of a song? This music video makes me want to throw up.

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  1. thank you! i hope your wonderful music does not become stupid like western music