Thursday, May 19, 2011

Akon & Melissa WTF Music Video

Not quite sure what this Lebanese pop starlet wannabe had to do or whom she had to pay to get this duet with Akon, one of America's leading rap singers. I am not sure if they even met in real life, this is the practice now. Each singer does his part and then those parts are stitched together in the editing room.

But three years ago when the song first surfaced, I was like Akon and Melissa. She already did two song with a has been raper Dr. Alban. but Akon was and still a hot commodity. I am guessing he thought Melissa would help push his Middle East profile in concerts and celebrity status.

While Melissa is former beauty pageant winning the Mediterranean title for Bikini contest she had no trouble in the past showing her curves, but still that was never good enough to make her an A list singer-she is a B list for sure. I think she has a likable persona and has some smart business manager pushing her work. Again not sure how this combo worked, but it's not a terrible song.

Akon & Melissa - Yalli Naseeni