Thursday, June 28, 2012

فيلم الالماني All Songs From Thug Life "El Almany"

Egyptian cinema is raving about a movie with the title El-Almany which means the German. A movie that chronicles the life of a street thug in Egypt. If you have not noticed, there are many street thugs in Egypt at the moment. And those people all have stories, they steal things, intimidate people, hurt people and sometimes kill them. Chaos brings out the worst in humanity.

To market the movie, the producers have hired a drove of popular folksy singer to sing for the movie. Those songs are in the Sha'abi style. The music of the poor people and the places where the call home. The same places are also the home of many of those thugs.

All commentators are not too happy about thugs, but most are not too pleased with this kind of music either. To be frank, the movie needs to sell and make money. I think this will be establishing the lead actor in the film, Mohammed Ramadan as a box officer sensation.

Enjoy the street festivals, and the music.

شحتة كاريكا حارة عجيبة | من فيلم الالماني " توزيع فيجو "

اغنية سمسم شهاب - تاعب روحى | من فيلم الالمانى

اغنيه بوسي اه يا دنيا - من فيلم الالماني


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