Monday, June 18, 2012

LEAKED: Elissa 2012 Album حصريا البوم اليسا - اسعد واحدة

Update: This blog will not publicize links for illegal downloads. The entire Album is online now, but it will be released officially withing 48 hours.  

Elissa is ready to tell all her rivals in the pop/romance business that they got nothing on her. Too bad her album just got leaded to the internet, a week before its official release date. Rotana needs to ask who is behind this leak and put them in jail. This leak will cause millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Elissa's album is one of those things that last much, much longer and, though they are well-suited for a holiday that celebrates romance, can be enjoyed anytime of the year without chipped teeth, food poisoning or speculations by friends and family over your mental and emotional health. Love might not be easy, but it is simple. The album does features two cover songs one from Salwa Qatrib, and another form Warda, both are late but their music lives on. So that leaves us with 12 fresh and original tracks. 

This album is most closely associated with the ephemera of early romances, the jokes, the awkwardly endearing conversations, the failed homemade meals and movies and concerts largely spent judging the timing or appropriateness of holding hands. Rather, Feels articulates them; perfectly, actually. Whether it’s the giddiness and gushing positivity of early love in tracks like “Fi Ouyounak” and “ Moutafa2La,” or the slow moments of perfect intimacy that require neither conversation nor event in “Albi Hasis Fik ” and “ Rohtelo ,” 

Thus team Elissa manages to capture and channel the energy and sentiment of these moments without abstraction and re-present them in aural technicolor. The title of this album might infuriate many who have found love to be anything but simple, yet, nevertheless, Elissa manages to articulate oh, so perfectly how the sentiments of a healthy romance can, and tend to be, projected onto everyone and everything as well. Romance, as typified by Valentine’s Day’s presents and chats that can make everything seem colorful and beautiful despite the gray skies, blackened snow, leafless trees and browned lawns of wintertime.

Not all of the tracks are idyllic; in fact, some tracks, like “ Kerehtak Ana ,” address romantic misunderstanding, detachment and forgiveness with an earnestness seldom seen in this century. Yet, points where the album dips in tone and subject are balanced out by the places where it ascends, even if those places have a vulnerable innocence to them. All in all, what makes As'ad Wa'hda succeed so perfectly as a romance album is what it communicates so thoroughly: Romance isn't simply about the sweet, or the bittersweet; rather, it is about sweetness despite bitterness and finding a way to balance fantasy with disappointment. That’s a heavy romantic message to be certain, but one that rings true like a wedding bell.

Ultimately few albums capture the pace and air of a waxing romance quite like Elissa does again in her 2012 seventh release As'ad Wa'hda. From the first track, “ Fi Ouyounak,” to the last track “ Lola El Malama,” Elissa manages to span the spectrum of romance, from the ethereal sun-dazed heights that exist outside time to the moments of want and wait that creep slower than a minute-hand in idle revolution.

01.Fi Ouyounak
02.As3Ad Wa7Da
05.Te3Ebt Minnak
06.Law Aoullak
07.Kerehtak Ana
10.Haylif Wiylif
11.Alouli El EiD
12. Albi Hasis Fik
14.Lola El Malama

Elissa 2012 Samples

Elissa 1st Album Hit - As3ad Wahda / إليسا - أغنية أسعد واحدة