Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Naya "No Regrets"Album البوم نايا - ماندم 2012

If your wife dumps you and moves on, what do you do? Well for one music executive who was fired by his wife and she manged to divorce him (Lebanese church weddings are hard to navigate), you go on a hunt and find a younger version of your wide, same color of hair and similar voice then go on offense. The pathatic husband spoke to many media outlets and declared that Naya is his way to get back at his wife. He even called the young singer "more talented" than the mother of his children.

Not upset yet? How about the title of Naya's album "Ma Andam" a popular hit by the producer's ex! Not classy at all. I think there are two issues here:

Naya is a talented young singer with a great potential to be the next big thing, and the producer who is a jerk with a long track record to proof it. This is an album with 9 tracks, some of the songs are made for the Gulf market to bring in the concerts and the people who buy CDs! Others are lovely Lebanese hits.

I did not see much fanfare for this album not too many spoke about it. Arabica music is in the distribution side and as far as I can tell, they are not on top of their game or connections. On other news, do not the cover picture makes Naya look like another Lebanese pop singer? I won't give any names.

01.Men Eidy, happy song where one dances to a bittersweet song. The music is a mush and so are the lyrics
02.Wakhedny Hawak, pop song meant for Egyptian consumption and young spirits who want to jam.
03.Mandam, mean for the folks in the Gulf, a darker feel with good music, not sure how the Gulf will like it
04.Leih Bahebak, Spanish guitar can make everything sounds better...a girl--not a woman song to her man
05.Bel Zouq, A Nancy Ajram clone, and I like it. Will be a big hit in Egypt and with fans of light happy pop
06.Mama Ya Mama, If you like Lebanese mawal you will like this family friendly song about love and mothers, love the dance beat. This is a good track that allows Naya to show off.
07.Tezkar, the winner on this album and we have heard it months ago with heartache causing by Naya
08.Batmanna, your average gillie pop song sin Arabic, not much to be gleeful about
09.Gheerah, another song we have heard months ago, an instant hit and a delightful song that blends pop with good lyrcis from the Gulf.

Teaser Mandam / 2012 اعلان البوم نايا - ماندم

Naya - Batmana / نايا - بتمنى



  1. Alex: Hola, album excelente, Leih Bahebak, hermosa canción, desde Mexico. gracias.