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Review: Elissa 2012 Album Cover البوم اليسا - أسعد واحدة 2012

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Aside from that, Elissa made a good album, it gives good and fresh lyrics. Musically it does not do much with the exception of "Haylef W Yerga3ly", "Law A2olak", "As3ad Wa7da". Those are all exciting songs that have a happy tone--something Elissa has not done well in. Aslo such songs will help beef up Elissa's concert presence. Then we see a whole new side of Elissa in at least three other songs, "Motfa'la" where she is hopeful and just a real girl with imperfections. And she doubles down in the super awesome lover who would come to rescue her man in "2alby Hases Feek". In "Kre7tak Ana" Guys won't like it too much, but the nice boys will enjoy it, it  serves as a lesson in what not to do.

"Sa'at" is a tragicaaly good song about our expectations and how life is different than we plan...this might be the most realistic song in the album, that serves as a wake up call to the dreamy among us....sometimes you have to improvise. This song causes so much pain if you were to hear it and reflect on past experiences. Elissa had to get in a corner and reflect on her life to bring out this masterpiece.

"Ro7tolo" might be the best vehicle for all those Elissa's emotions about true love where she stands by her man when he is down. It plays like a declaration of rights that those who are in a relationship should learn from. The song is about loyalty and being there for better or worse. It's like hearing the inner thought of a very romantic soul who puts her hurts aside to come to the rescue of her love. Whoever wrote this song deserves a shout out, no way a guy cane come up and express such this complex emotions. 

The two cover songs are good, Elissa has performed them before on TV and in concerts which shows her bias toward the two female stars she is paying a tribute to. Salwa Qatrib's "2aloly al-Aid" is a very popular choice from a singer that left a gap in many hearts. "Lola Al-Malama" this song was the reason the album was not released in Egypt right away due to copy right issues that now have been resolved. A good cover with a proper modern twist, I am sure if the late Warda was still with us, she would give her the nod.

The more you listen to this album, the more familiar it feels and the better the songs start to sound. Some songs I had to listen to for three times to start enjoying.

Elissa's 2012 album was relased officially today in Egypt, and minutes later the original CD and its cover work have reached the internet. It's a sad saga to see a well made album gets leaked and losses money. But no one stole the album, someone in the company leaked it....there are always disagreements and fights among people in the business.

Let's talk about the cover

Per definition an album cover is the front of the packaging of a commercially released audio recording product, or album. This is the front-facing panel of a CD package, and, increasingly, the primary image accompanying a digital download of the album, or of its individual tracks. In addition, this also serves as part of the protective sleeve. Not to forget the greater purpose a CD cover serves, marketing! 

But like an amazing album cover can sell an album. If the album cover looks cool, you might just pick up the album. I know this happened to me at least once before.I know people who do not speak the language and if they like an album's cover they are most likely to give it a listen.

Elissa knows this very well and since she tends to make an album once every two years, it's important to have worthy covers that will last for this period. Other stars do too, but most Arabic music albums are focused on the star, not the music or the experience the album offers.

I know this, Elissa does a theme for her photo shoots, it was Alice in Wonderland three years ago, now they went to Turkey to come up with some fresh images and themes. What do you guys think of the images on the album? I think they look good and tend to be safe for Elissa, but also cements her status as a women who is out of this world as she does not live ion this earth or share the worries the rest of us have to deal with. I do not necessarily see a themes in the photographs, but I do like the behind the scenes pictures from the Turkey shoot.

Download the album Here

Elissa - sa3at 2012

Elissa - Saat (Audio) / إليسا - ساعات

P.S. Whoever translated the songs into English, should get another job, the translation into English is horrible.
P.S.2 Will someone tell team Elissa to unblock us form Hot Arabic Music twitter? 


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