Monday, June 4, 2012

البوم نانسى عجرم - يا بنات LISTEN: Nancy Ajram All Kids 2012 Album

The Arab world's biggest female pop star is rightfully so because she makes the right decisions both on personal and professional level. Now comes her second album geared for kids. In 2007 she has her first all kids album, it was a smash hit and many copied the concept behind it. Five years later, she is a little older and wiser, plus two little girls of her comes her second album.

On another note the production value for the album is pretty good, why not? Nancy Ajram is well funded and her albums sell big and for a good reason. There's a Happy Birthday song that has the potential to be a classic. What Nancy Ajram is doing is reaching to a younger generation to cement their love of her music and her voice which something she can capitalize on for years to come.

We have the sample of the album as the promo was released two days ago. This is a happy albm that will get your kids to dance and give you a giggle. This sounds like a decent album that even parents can enjoy listening to it with their kids. There's real money in such albums, but something tells me Nancy is doing it for her two little girls.

Track List
1.Ya Banat
2.Happy Birthday
3.Bo2 El Katkout
6.2adii El Beeda
7.Wez Enak

 سيمبلات البوم نانسى عجرم يا بنات


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