Wednesday, June 6, 2012

With Game Over Shitty Egyptian Movies Are Not Over

Every time I like to give Egyptian cinema some credit for making good movies and to their credit they have done better movies, I get cold feet. Here's why these shitty movies keep coming, they are cheap to make and they do not have to have a decent plot, just big names and three jokes and song. And that's what it takes to bring down an entire culture.

And yes, of course producers now worry about not making their money back as Egypt shifts shapes every minute. But my beef is with two leading females who accept to be in such silly movies...Game Over is the name of the movie where Yosra and Mai Ezdeen would star along one another and duke it out.

While those are two super stars from two different eras, I am baffled by their role...did they really need that paycheck this bad? Worse, their song to promote the movie is auto-tune for insane people. All that aside, the movie is one long stereotypes about women jealousy and getting in the gutter to bring back one gigantic ghetto movie. No wonder Yosra has been on the attacks in defense of Freedom of Expression, that's her way of wanting to make lame movies.

Haqi Baraqabti - Mai Ez El Din ft.Yosra حقى برقبتى - مى عز الدين ويسرا


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