Monday, May 7, 2012

A Walk To Remember With Aya Mustafa

Aya Mustafa is an Egyptian singer who seems to be influenced by half a dozen female entertainers of the world. Her flow and her guitar reminds me of the likes of Joni Mitchel. The ballad as told by nostalgic Aya in her quest for love  is telling. This might sound like a different song in Arabic, but the way it has been produced and put together offers hope for a different genera of Arabic music--something that could make a compromise.

American sounding songs, but with meaningful lyrics come in Arabic. I see other Egyptian indie singers appear in the music video, which speaks to Aya's street cred with other entertainer and activists.
Aya Mustafa - Hodour w Gheyab آية مصطفى - حضور و غياب


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