Thursday, June 7, 2012

البوم ملحم زين 2012 Listen: Melhim Zain New Album

 The man of class, grace and plenty of strong (and flexible) vocals releases his new album, his first in few years now. Melhim Zain has did not speak up about his album much. He was in the news lately for a lot of reasons, I was not aware he was making a new album.

This is a 14 track album with an assortment of good tracks, the happy and the sad ones too. It brings the artist in new light and an old one too. This is an album you enjoy alone or with people. If you are Syrian/Lebanese this album has more for you. The album does offer many good songs for his lady fans as well as the dudes.

He is as careful in all his songs, the ones about personal stories too, as he is eager to show case his vocal strength where he is well endowed. There are inspired and inspiring tracks, but the omission or inclusion of various verses feels like a primary, if didactic, reason for its inclusion. Zain’s Lebanese standards record doesn’t shy away from commercial pop, the album has few of these. There are also songs that sound like one of those early folk ballad.

Zain’s 2012 album greatest achievement lies in how effortlessly these assorted songs become the artist's own. The ease with which the tales of betrayal, metaphorical death, and condemnation of frustration and lonely restlessness is a convincing testament to the scope and durability of Zain’s immense canon. This is well-traveled terrain for Melhim, who has fixated on and embraced Lebanon’s own mythology and native past. He tells love ballads and happy ones like a n old men tells great stories, they both draw you in and make you stand in soldiery with them.

I do love the cover poster for the album, it shows a sense of style and maturity.

The entire album is here

01. Auros Alghuwali
02. Awaia Tarouhi
03. Haregteli Qalbi
04. Inti Elli Kasarti
05. Kabed Bid
06. Kan Sadiqkni
07. Kulle Mara
08. Ma Aad Badiyak
09. Qadesh Bi Omri Helwin
10. Taj Rassi
11. Warda
12.Ya Habib Biek
13.Yalleli Dainak Min Deni
14. Addani Al Aib

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