Saturday, September 8, 2012

U-Seff Raps From Jordan's Overlooked Slums

U-Seff did not rap from the void, he comes form a poor and marginalized area in Jordan--an area that's not Amman. He hates the sucker part of town. The markets where the trash is all over the streets. Corruption and no services. He might not have the strongest voice out there, but you will not miss his frustration. U-Sef is proud of his part of town, he loves it. But he thinks it can be better.

He is chocking in the inside yet he manged to smile and be happy. I love his name and how he spelled, a rather refreshing way to stand out. Full name is Yousef Qasrawi Also Known As "U-Seff Qasrawi" Aka Music Kid ( فتى الموسيقى ). He's from Palestine yet he Was Born In Romania but He currently Lives In Jordan.When he Started Rapping he wasn't that good quality production he did, but With time he got better and better.

Respect U-Seff! You rre good buddy

U-Seff - Hay 7aretna | Official Underground Music Video |


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