Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nancy 4 Years Later and Life is Good

It was the summer of 2007, and I was one of many people who like Nancy Ajram but for an instant we thought she is too busy making music for kids and not making her pop must as hot as she just did two years ago. Of course back then she was single and looked like to have confidence to keep on rocking Arabic music.

So you can imagine how timely this song

So as a fan and appreciator of all things Nancy, came this single El Donia Helwa and it was the early summer, it came like a cool breeze with some love and wisdom. The thing about Nancy Ajram is her team. She has Jiji Larmara, the smarted talent manger in the Arab world who is part manager part advisor for the young pop princess.

So it's the same moment again 4 years later and Nancy has a husband and two little girls, but her career is anything but going up. Life in deed is sweet says the lyrics of this light popish singer that was never filmed as a music video.

Nancy Ajram - El Donia Helwa / نانسى عجرم - الدنيا حلوة


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