Monday, April 11, 2011

Ehab Tawfik You Either Him or Just Hate Him

Ehab Tawfik - YA Muslimeen Ettameno / إيهاب توفيق - يا مسلمين إطمنوا

Not sure what to make of his latest song, I do not see why he would release it now, maybe he is becoming a bit more religious as more networks start to work in religious music. But I guess he is just out there making music for anyone who would listen.

Egyptian pop singer Ehab singer might be older than you, but his music is ageless. It has been more than 10 years since he had a big hit song, I mean he had a number of songs that were really good, but none of them made it big outside a specific country.

He has been busy recording songs about Egypt and its revolution just like every other pop star in that country. As someone who grew up with the music if this early pop star who made smart choices form his early days by varying his styles. Not all his songs are happy, not all of them are about love. He makes catchy pop songs and follows them by tragic ones about life and the troubles of the heart.

I am one of those people for respecting Ihab Tawfik for not trying to act in movies, sure he acts in his music videos and he does a great job, but the star wasn't tempted to make movies--he knows it might dilute his brand.

ehab tawfik ايهاب توفيق ليه الخصام


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