Thursday, April 28, 2011

Klaket Album: Music for Grownups

with 7 tracks-8 if you count the intro, the Klaket band is making their pet known, they rel;eased their album with 8 band members, it's hard to imagine a bigger band than Klaket. Larger than this would have to be called orchestra.

If you are into funk and retro music then this is the album you want to give a listen. there are great vocals, but most of all there are some powerful stories. Folksy stories that kind you will hear in country songs in Nashville. I did not expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well written the songs are and how fresh the music of Klaket.

So go ahead and grab a cup of home brewed coffee, find a comfortable couch becasue you will not be leaving that couch till the album finishes. There are stories of the Tahrir Square and the revolution, but the album is largely apolitical and has a feel good.

They street sounds and the tales you are about to enjoy offer a rare experience in today's day in age. Toss that pop album away and grow up with the music of Klaket. I just cannot have enough of "Wad Ghatet", Helmo El Akhdar, and "Aam Hussein"

02.Wad Ghatet
03.Etnen Ayshen
04.Ben El Hayah Welmot
05.Nefsohom Mankonsh Wahed
06.Helmo El Akhdar
07.Aam Hussein
08.Kan Ya Makan

Klaket feat. Ahmed Yassin | كلاكيت وأحمد ياسين - مصري زمانها جايه


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