Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I AM Not Sorry President Mubarak Song

Gotta love the people of Egypt, even in their darkest hours, they still can show humor, we know this becasue of the countless signs we saw during the Jan 25th revolution. This is a politically loaded song that brings up a number of topics that bug the people of Egypt like love for Israel and cheap gas.

but now comes a new music video in response to the recent calls from people to apologize to the ousted Egyptian President Mubarak, many think he has been humiliated enough, but the prevailing theory that most people can care less about the President of corruption.

It opens with a guy and a guitar, it starts from the first second lampooning Mubarak in such a humorous way. but also brings up those various topics like cancer, wall on Gaza, the capsized boat killing 100 of Egyptians, stolen millions of dollars. While funny, it manged to bring people around a rallying cause, Mubarak is no saint.

I must say, I love this dude, his songs are hilarious! He has two hit songs now that are going like fire on the web.

Ana Msh Aseef Ya Rayes كليب انا مش اسف ياريس

محمد النحاس يتربي في سجنك


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