Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sofia Marikh In Tahwak Takes Us to Mars

Anytime you see an Arab sin ger doing a bedroom/ bathroom scene, you know they either have little of substance to offer or that they are worried about losing their edge. Not sure where Sofia Marikh fits, but the past participant in the reality show Star Academy is back with a full music video

Sofia sounds a bit more grown up here and going with the classical Arabic for her latest tells you she is looking for a something unique. She does sound like she is on a journey of self exploration. She is not short on confidence you get that from the closeups all over this music video.

Filmed in Paris where Sofia speaks the language of that land and has sang in that language. This is a classy jazz/lounge song with bits of dazzling outfits here and there. Again, I like the music and the style of this song, a bit more dreamy for a guy. Still the footage on the roof of old Parisian buildings are captivating.

Sofia Marikh - Tahwak / صوفيا مريخ - تهواك


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