Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yemen Song By Abo Baker Salem

While the Saudis gave Abu Baker Salem their citizenship, this Yemeni legendary singer still belong to the Yemen. His heart beat Yemen and you can find this in his music, listen to this old school song of his that was big in 70s. Then comes Lebanese singer Ragheb Alamah and covers is three years ago.

This is one of those folklore songs that gets picked by a contemporary artist who wants to record it in his/her voice. Ragib bought the rights from an individual, Abo Baker later got in touch with Ragib and made things right. I came to know this song by Raghib's voice, but most of the Gulf listeners know better that Abo Baker is the original artist. Either way, it's a sweet song about the secret behind love.

Yemen Music:::سر حبي: أبو بكر سالم

ابو بكر ومحمد عبده وعبدالله الرويشد سر حبى فيك غامض
Ragheb Alamah - Serr Hobby / راغب علامة - سر حبي


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