Sunday, April 1, 2012

When Angham Jams With Assala, My World Gets Better

Syrian singer Assala has the best female vocals and the most flexible ones as well. Angham, has the magical voice, that brings one to excitement. Put them together and you have a double dose of high quality entertainment.

See, Assala's overpowering voice, Angham is owning the moment on her own terms and adding her own signature notes. This is like the battle of the first ladies of Arabic Tarab music. This clip has only been recently uploaded online. Assala has her tv show Asoola where she brings other stars, talk to them and jam together.

While Asala looks very pregnant in the video, she has delivered the baby boy few months ago.

Exclusive...Assala & Angham - Zalamoh / حصريا...أصالة & أنغام - ظلموه

Then add another sorrow filled male voice, and the sky is the limit with this combination. We cannot emebed the video, watch it here

أصالة & أنغام