Friday, April 13, 2012

Morocco Needs Jobs Not Cafes

Rotana's idea of stimulating the Moroccan economy is laughable, open yet another cafe. In the country of a million cafe, the last thing they need is another one--even if it was a Rotana Cafe! Rotana Cafe is a place where stars working under the Rotana label can hold press conferences, sign and sell CDs.

It's a place of business where the young and affluent can go and shell some dollars. Rotana cafes are to be found in many places, the most famous one is in Beirut. I think Morocco is an gorgeous country and its people know as much. But their economy is in trouble, and their youth have tried just about everything to take their minds off the might be the solution. But Rotana cafe is not a place for the poor.

إعلان موعد حفل أفتتاح روتانا كافية كازابلانكا - المغرب


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